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STR8-LIGN; this South African innovation provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive 3D wheel alignment systems, for small independents, both workshop-based and mobile, to full-scale OEM environments.

STR8-LIGN has been successfully evaluated by several leading international automotive bodies and associations, including but not limited to Automechanika and the Automobile Association. In numerous independent "head to head" tests conducted by global industry leaders such as Bridgestone (The world largest tyre manufacture) and pitted against most of the industry's leading equipment manufacturers, STR8-LIGN has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in both speed and accuracy.

Image of STR8-LIGN system on a vehicle

STR8-LIGN is in operation globally by leading automotive brands such as Toyota Gazoo, Hyundai, Dunlop, Wheel Change U and the Royal Automobile Company of Victoria, and they all enjoy additional profits through saving valuable time and money and increasing their serviceability to their clients.

Our growing client base includes large automotive dealerships, independent workshops, mobile tyre fitment centres, multi-national tyre fitment centres, suspension specialists, vehicle manufacturers and professional race teams; including Toyota Gazzoo Racing.

Image of Dakar race car driving over a sand dune

STR8-LIGN systems are transportable in compact, robust containers, and are perfectly designed for a single user to effectively and accurately measure and repair all major aspects of alignment.

A quotes from industry leaders:
International Judges Panel Automechanika 2017

"Designed and manufactured in South Africa, Qwerty Tyre Solutions' portable, easy-to-operate Str8-Lign wheel alignment system holds the promise of delivering numerous, cost-effective benefits for both workshop and in-the-field applications."

At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, STR8-LIGN has proven itself to be your go-to solution for all your alignment needs!

STR8-LIGN Passenger

Claimed by many as be the world's smallest, lightest, and most accurate passenger wheel alignment system, offering a unique alternative to tyre specialist, and the ever-growing mobile mechanic market segment!

STR8-LIGN packed into it's portable and durable plastic storage and transportation case.

At 15Kg, STR8-LIGN is transportable in a compact, robust container, and perfectly designed for a single user to effectively and accurately measure and repair; independent front and rear toe, total toe, camber, caster, setback, thrust angle and ride height variances.

Why STR8-LIGN for the Workshop?

Time-constrained modern vehicle owners want timely and convenient ‘one-stop-shop' service and repairs to get their vehicle safely back on the road, professionally and accurately within manufacturers specification!

Since its inception, STR8-LIGN has fast become a critical suspension diagnostic and wheel alignment repair tool for any startup or established workshop environment.

A common questions asked: Do I have the space, the staff and will it make money?

STR8-LIGN, an industry-leading patented innovation is more affordable than any other system on the market, and setup and training costs are only a fraction of competitive solutions. Ownership and ongoing maintenance costs are further lowered by in-house calibration further delivering upon cost-saving and system availability, meaning downtime is minimal.

STR8-LIGN's portability means it can be used anywhere in your workshop; from your forecourt (for on-the- ground wheel diagnostics) to any four-post hoist, your service pit or even portable wheel ramps.

Trained mechanics and workshop personnel will quickly and easily adapt to the simplicity of STR8-LIGN, and it will further complement their broader knowledge of suspension components, bearings, ball joints, steering systems. STR8-LIGN will turn existing personnel into more valuable profit centres.

With STR8-LIGN, wheel technicians and mechanics can inspect and diagnose vehicles in less then 5- minutes, and provide real-time feedback to their clients. This is less time that it would normally take to send a valuable staff member with a client's vehicle to a tyre fitment centre - less risk, faster and all additional revenues are retained inhouse.

The versatility of STR8-LIGN allows multiple new revenue opportunities for any automotive workshop! Industry stats unveil that by quick diagnosis of a vehicle's wheels, roughly 25% are in need of repair!

STR8-LIGN target head with laser showing alignment readings.
Why STR8-LIGN for Motorsport?

On track day, every second counts and leading motorsport teams need flexibility, adaptability, and a means to stay ahead of the pack.

STR8-LIGN, uilt robust and capable of accurately measuring and repairing, individual front and rear toe, total toe, camber, caster and setback trackside, it is considered indispensable for any serious race team.

Designed with mobility in mind, STR8-LIGN's development and testing has been conducted hand-in-hand with some of the worlds leading race teams. STR8-LIGN's success in the commercial automotive sector is significantly attributed to the unrelenting race conditions in which it has been developed, tried and tested.

Teams using STR8-LIGN consistently improve lap times and move into podium positions! By playing with straight- line traction and cornering grip in the pits according to the day's conditions, or focusing on pre-race setup, STR8- LIGN is a winning solution to enhance your speed, safety and tyre management.

Quotes from race leaders:
Toyota Gazoo after winning the 2019 Dakar:

"STR8-LIGN saved us an hour per vehicle per night in the service parks; that four hours of crucial time we would have gained from our previous method."

Denver Branders Owner of Race Co

"works like a bomb, definitely gives me the edge being able to change wheel alignment to suit different track and weather conditions, and we're now only using Str8-Lign in my Race Co. workshop to help fellow racers achieve the best results."

STR8-LIGN setup on a race car for precision alignment needs.
Why STR8-LIGN for Training Institutions?

Few would debate the global shortage of specialist wheel alignment experts, many of whom have mostly been taught on how to connect the dots on a computer screen of a modern-day 3D computerised system!

Improving Learning Effectiveness through STR8-LIGN

With STR8-LIGN, learners are fully immersed in the wheel alignment process, and together with their theoretical understanding of geometry, physics, tyre wear patterns, vehicle safety and handling they have a greater chance of becoming wheel alignment experts. Students that can see beyond the specifications and compensate for a minefield of “non adjustable’s” to create the rolling geometry required for safe motoring, will become significant contributors to the industry.

Cost of Outlay and Ownership

STR8-LIGN is highly affordable, even for small institutions, and offers industry-leading cost of ownership; requires no dedicated and valusable real-estate, and comes complete and therefore does not require additional peripheral equipment.

At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, STR8-LIGN has proven itself to be your go-to solution for all your alignment needs!

STR8-LIGN Commercial and Trucking

After successfully designing, testing, manufacturing and supply of the STR8-LIGN Passenger Wheel Alignment System for over three years, demand grew for a system suitable for larger applications.

STR8-LIGN set up on a truck for commercial and bus alignment needs.
Why STR8-LIGN Commercial and Trucking Wheel Alignment System?

The development of the STR8-LIGN Commercial and Truck and Bus wheel aligner was a logical progression, driven out of need. The goal, as with our passenger system was to develop a unique new truck alignment system from the ground up that was accurate, versatile, cost-effective and mobile.

Fortunate to have the luxury, during our research and development stage, to investigate several different methods used by current manufacturers, which allowed us to build upon each one's weaknesses, and create a product all- encompassing, yet retain our simplistic approach to wheel diagnostics.

Today STR8-LIGN's Commercial and Trucking Wheel Alignment System is best in class, but being unique in operation, and still, one of the most cost-effective.

STR8-LIGN truck alignment system neatly packed into a durable and portable case.
What makes the STR8-LIGN Truck Aligner Unique?

STR8-LIGN is a complete system, yet has a few additional characteristics. All STR8-LIGN orders are supplied with an additional wheel alignment diagnostics tool. This additional measuring system is a fleet management and maintenance planning tool and allows drivers, owners or truck repair centres to quickly and accurately check front toe, trailer axle parallelism and trailer toe alignment in minutes. Quick checks can be done on any surface, and within minutes you will know if the truck, trailer or bus is burning excess fuel and tyres and in need of alignment.

STR8-LIGN's Truck aligner is the only system that uses patented simultaneous multi-point lasers technology. Multiple concurrent data points make setup quicker, more accurate and more practical when working in unforgiving truck yard environments.

Designed to support backwards compatibility for traditional systems, STR8-LIGN supports your preferences should you have already invested in training. STR8-LIGN can be used in any of three ways to obtain optimal results. This flexibility allows for extreme certainty when dealing with "problem" vehicles; the operator can opt to use STR8- LIGN's patented operation and then use any of the other two traditional alignment methods to verify results before undertaking repairs. All options are performed using the same STR8-LIGN equipment reducing time-wasting.

STR8-LIGN comes standard with all the necessary kingpin and wheel adapters required for toe, camber and caster alignment on all standard box truck, trailers, busses and truck and trailer configurations.

Systems are delivered in a compact, robust kit, fully mobile, extremely affordable, and with industry-leading cost of ownership. Field calibration by the operator keeps STR8-LIGN accurate and on queue every time.

At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, STR8-LIGN has proven itself to be your go-to solution for all your alignment needs!

“An Innovation Award-Winner”


At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, STR8-LIGN has proven itself to be your go-to solution for all your alignment needs!