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Portable Wheel Alignment Systems

Caravans and Passenger Vehicles

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Portable Wheel Alignment Systems

STR8-LIGN; precision-engineered portable wheel alignment systems; giving the operator the perfect visual tool to allow accurate checking and correcting of wheel alignment, without complicated and costly computerised technology! Equally at home in any established and commercial workshop, or for remote users, such as mobile mechanics, tyre specialist and race teams; STR8-LIGN offers award-winning innovation at an affordable price.

The STR8-LIGN portable wheel alignment systems allow quick and accurate measuring, rectifying and reporting of critical toe, camber, caster, thrust angle and clear vision settings. A must-have, and complementary tool for any mechanic or tyre fitter wishing to provide a complete and professional service to their clientele; or for those wishing to create additional revenue income opportunity with added benefits to their services offering.

With STR8-LIGN, wheel technicians and mechanics can inspect and diagnose vehicles in less than 5-minutes, and provide real-time feedback to their clients. This is less time than it would typically take to send a valuable staff member with a client's vehicle to a tyre fitment centre - less risk, faster and all additional revenues are retained in-house.

With hundreds of users globally, automotive brands such as Toyota Gazoo Racing, Hyundai, Dunlop, Wheel Change U and the Royal Automobile Company of Victoria all enjoy additional profits through saving valuable time and money and increasing their serviceability to their clients by using the STR8-LIGN portable wheel alignment systems.

STR8-LIGN - Bridging the gap between old school and high tech.







Qwerty Tyre Solutions shareholders published on the front page of Autolive Magazine


Qwerty Tyre Solutions Pty Ltd is an international-award-winning company, specialising in the manufacture of innovative wheel alignment technologies and equipment.

QTS was challenged by leaders in the passenger tyre industry to design and develop a more cost-effective wheel alignment solution to grow and develop a mobile tyre maintenance strategy to assist with travel safety programs.

The company was incorporated in April 2016, following three years of product research, development and testing, and awarded a patent for:


STR8-LIGN Testimonials

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“Because it is so quick to set up it is allowing me to finish the job quicker and as we know, time is money! Because it only takes 2 minutes to set up versus 15 minutes we are now offering free WA diagnosis. STR8-LIGN is now a critical part of my equipment, whereas, with the old machine in was more of an inconvenience!”

Mobile Tyre Assist Town and Country Pty Ltd
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"By not outsourcing our alignment and keeping services inhouse, we have more control over our end goal and the technology has paid itself off within 2 months alone!"

Hyundai Dealership CFO
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"We have finally cut up our strings and now only use the Str8-Lign system for setting-up alignment before and during NRC rally events, we now do in minutes what used to take hours."

Toyota Gazoo SA Rally Champion Guy Botterill

“An Innovation Award-Winner”


At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, STR8-LIGN has proven itself to be your go-to solution for all your alignment needs!