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Innovators of STR8-LIGN

QWERTY TYRE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD is a recognised manufacturer of innovative technology for the automotive industry. We focus on providing cost-effective, technologically sound and user-friendly equipment which can be utilised in almost any environment, comparable to most world-class systems.

All our products have been designed, developed and individually tested by industry experts in South Africa and we employ relevant technologies ensuring precision manufacturing on all our equipment.

Our products are manufactured in South Africa and shipped to distributors all over the world, who in turn support the products in these areas.


Our Flagship

STR8-LIGN Wheel Alignment

STR8-LIGN is a precision engineered portable wheel alignment system giving the operator the perfect visual tool to allow pin-point accurate checking and correcting of any standard vehicles wheel alignment on any relatively level surface at any time.

The system allows quick and accurate measuring and rectifying of critical toe, camber, caster, thrust angle and clear vision settings.

STR8-LIGN employ's a “Seeing is Believing” approach to wheel alignment through the use of highly visible lasers, even in outdoor conditions.

STR8-LIGN - Bridging the gap between old school and high tech.


Wheel Management

Why is Wheel management Important?

Gain complete control of your tyre and wheel assets, so you can manage performance and increase the lifespan of your investments.

The average motor vehicle tyre will travel just over 40,000 kilometres in its lifetime, then joins tens of millions of disposed of tyre remains which land up in giant landfills visible from space.


Industry Talk

Hear what the industry has to say...

Environmental Disaster

"It is believed over 7 million tyres have been buried in Kuwait alone, forming mountains of tyre graveyards".

Wheel & Tyre Testing

It is proven that most vehicles are only tested less than a fifth of the required number of tests to maintain a healthy wheel performance.

Str8-Lign User

"We realised the benefit of Str8-Lign immediately, and it has revolutionised our racing wheel and tyre setup".

International Practices

Some countries are ahead of others when it comes to tyre recycling practices, yet it is common knowledge that effective wheel management reduces wear and tear and therefore increases a tyres life by up to ten percent (if not more).

Qwerty Tyre Solutions

We envisage a world of best practice, reduced emissions and cost saving. We believe ALL motor vehicle owners should have the chance to manage their tyres better and increase their lifespan without major financial implications or loss of valuable time.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Every driver should know and be satisfied that their wheels are behaving in the best manner to suit the vehicles specifications and manufacturer guidelines, yet the reality is that this check in most cases only takes place when tyres are replaced.

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Global Headquarters: Unit 10, 15 Devon Road, Pinetown, 3610, KwaZulu Natal South Africa

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