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About STR8-LIGN Wheel Alignment Equipment

Innovation by Qwerty Tyre Solutions

Our Vision

"To be recognized as a global player in the automotive solutions industry, using innovative product development for manufacturing affordable quality equipment; and in so doing create a network of entrepreneurs who can distribute our equipment to end users, maintaining affordability yet generating great value to all."

Our History

Qwerty Tyre Solutions Pty Ltd was challenged by leaders in the passenger tyre industry to design and develop a more cost-effective wheel alignment solution to assist with travel safety programs in impoverished areas. The mandate was to create a solution that would allow wheel alignment services to be more affordable and readily available in remote areas, promoting increased sustainability and safety in motoring.

The Str8-Lign Wheel Alignment System took two years of precision development and testing before it was ready for the commercial market. Officially launched in April 2017, STR8-LIGN was awarded Bronze at the Automechanika Innovation Awards in September 2017. The international judges’ comments on the product were: “Designed and manufactured in South Africa, Qwerty Tyre Solutions’ portable, easy-to-operate STR8-LIGN wheel alignment system holds the promise of delivering numerous, cost-effective benefits for both workshop and in-the-field applications.”

Today the STR8-LIGN Passenger unit is deployed on five continents and used in many diverse sectors within the motor vehicle industry.

The much-awaited STR8-LIGN Commercial unit catering to the needs of the trucking and busing sector has recently been launched in Johannesburg South Africa, and the first units are currently in operation.


Based on Global demand, QTS is looking for sales and marketing distribution partners to complement our manufacturing and product developments. Partners can benefit from sales revenue, training, product rentals and optional annuity revenue on software subscriptions.


“An Innovation Award-Winner”


At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, STR8-LIGN has proven itself to be your go-to solution for all your alignment needs!