Str8-Lign Wheel Alignment

Innovation by Qwerty Tyre Solutions (PTY) LTD

Wheel Alignment

With the escalating cost of workshop floor space there’s little wonder why major tyre manufacturer Dunlop planted the seed and drove the innovation of STR8-LIGN. A cost effective, extremely accurate and easy to use wheel alignment system that could be used anytime, anywhere and without the need of dedicated floor space or electrical power.

STR8-LIGN was two years in the making and received its first monumental endorsement by Automechanika, who awarded third place Bronze in the Innovation Awards 2017; runners up to global brands Bosch and Monroe Shocks.

The Str8-Lign Wheel Alignment System

The STR8-LIGN system allows quick and accurate measuring, rectifying and reporting of critical toe, camber, caster, thrust angle and clear vision settings. The four target heads quickly and easily attach to any standard wheel nut configuration, allowing the operator to get clear and definitive visual readouts of current alignment and potential faults, giving the technician the tools to make informed decisions and take remedial actions. Quicker fault finding leads to improved productivity, increased revenue and happy customers; not to forget an anytime, anywhere approach to alignment. The reduced total cost of ownership, simplicity of use and non-reliance of dedicated floor space, means that your investment in the STR8-LIGN system is realised faster than that of traditional forms of wheel alignment equipment. Using precision, impact resistant lasers and employing a “Seeing is Believing” approach to wheel alignment, STR8-LIGN gives automotive professionals an exciting new and highly affordable wheel alignment solution.

STR8-LIGN is a precision engineered wheel alignment system giving the operator the perfect visual tool to allow accurate checking and correcting of wheel alignment.

STR8-LIGN’s ease of use is second to none in the industry of wheel alignment. We employ a “Seeing is Believing” approach to wheel alignment through the use of highly visible lasers, even in outdoor conditions making usability easy for even the most non-technical motor enthusiasts - Qwerty Tyre Solutions PTY LTD recommends that all tyre alignment adjustments to be performed by fully qualified tyre technicians. Step by step video tutorials are available to demonstrate all aspects of wheel alignment and how STR8-LIGN can be used to correctly diagnose issues in every scenario. Qwerty Tyre Solutions also offers training by our professional team, allowing any operator with basic technical experience to become a proficient and productive resource in your business. The STR8- LIGN system allows quick and accurate measuring, rectifying and reporting of critical toe, camber, caster, thrust angle and clear vision settings..

Using high-tech lasers and simple battery operation allows STR8-LIGN to give automotive professionals an exciting new and mobile alternative, better than string and more affordable than full 3D.

  • Ease of use,
  • Precision engineering and accuracy,
  • Multi-application,
  • Mobility,
  • Cost effective,
  • Unique simplicity,
  • Lower operating cost and footprint than conventional 3D systems,
  • Bridging the gap between old school and high tech.