Str8-Lign Mobile Wheel Alignment System

Innovation by Qwerty Tyre Solutions (PTY) LTD

Str8-Lign, Best Tool for the Mobile Services Sector

We are a niche player in the mobile wheel tooling sector, taking our own unique development path, allowing greater flexibility and workmanship. Our system does not rely on any computer technology or dedicated power sources, and we do not require a dedicated four-post hoist for operation.

Recently suggested by the Automechanika Judges of the Innovation awards, STR8-LIGN is equally at home in the workshop or field applications. Weighing only 15kg, and with a footprint smaller than an average passenger vehicle tyre, STR8-LIGN is exceptionally well suited to the mobile mechanic and roadside tyre fitment specialist.

Together with Qwerty Tyre Solutions provided ramps and portable turntables, STR8-LIGN becomes a mobile tool fit for operation anytime and anywhere. Best practice for any wheel alignment adjustment is a flat and level surface yet with no AC power requirement or the need for space-hungry hoists; your alignment tool is genuinely portable and ready for the job wherever you deem fit and safe; whether it be a driveway, a workshop floor or even a roadside allowing enough clearance.

STR8-LIGN, Unique Design to suit Fleet Management

The speed of use and anytime anywhere flexibility make it the perfect tool for fleet management checks, whether at service intervals or weekly. Allowing all elements of alignment diagnostics to be performed in sub-five-minutes, STR8-LIGN is the ideal complement for your wheel management strategy, adding thousands of kilometres to your costly tyre assets.

The mobility and affordability of the STR8-LIGN Wheel Alignment Equipment makes this possible, no matter your budget.

  • Ease of use,
  • Precision Engineering and accuracy,
  • Multi-application,
  • Mobility,
  • Cost Effective,
  • Unique Simplicity,
  • Lower operating cost and footprint than conventional 3D syetsms,
  • Bridging the gap between old school and high tech.